Blog: From Rain4Africa project to AgriCloud service

The 1st of June 2015 the Rain4Africa dream started: 8 partners were targeted to reach more than 125.000 small scale South African farmers with the best available weather and climate services, to increase their food production and reduce weather and climate related risks. Read more ›

Masterclass on the AgriCloud application during HydroNET LIVE 2018

On the 13th of September 2018, the second edition of the biennial HydroNET LIVE event took place. Over 150 water managers from South Africa, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands came together to share knowledge and experiences about the theme of the event ‘Smart water management without borders’.

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Tšhomišo ya tshedimošo ya boso go kaonafatša tšweletšo ya mafela

“Pula ya Afrika” (R4A) ke projeke ya go tšweletša APP go iša ditirelo go balimi lefapeng la ditemošo tša ka ga tša temo, go ya le ka maemo a tša boso a bjale lefelong la balemi. Maikemišetšo magolwane a ARC-ISCW a go dira dinyakišišo go tša temo le tša maemo a tša leratadima ba šoma mmogo le balemi-potlana, go ilwe gwa lemogwa gore go swanetšwe go kaonafatša ditirelo tša ditemošo.

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Use weather information to improve food production

“Rain for Africa” (R4A) is a project to develop applications to provide advice to farmers as agricultural advisory services based on current weather information at their specific location. ARC-SCW, with its mandate for research at the intersection between agriculture and climate and through working closely with small-scale farmers, realised the need for improved advisory services.

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