Mobile Water Management

Mobile Water Management (MWM) is a leading Dutch water technology firm and spin-out from Delft University of Technology based in Delft with a subsidiary in Maputo (Mozambique). With extensive knowledge about Decision Support Systems, we have specialized in software solutions that turn consumer electronics into solid, industrial-grade monitoring devices that can be used with little training.

MWM’s mission is to drive complete digitisation of field measurement and control operations in various industries using smartphones as an intelligent monitoring device. We achieve this by making use of rapidly expanding mobile networks, low-cost investments in infrastructure and a vested interest by communities to learn from and adapt to nature.

In the R4A project MWM combines smart observations using mobile devices and local human intelligence to develop a monitoring product for Small Scale Farmers. This will increase data quality of human observations of rain gauges and crop information, contributing to increased awareness of rainfall patterns, water efficiency and productivity.